The Differences Between the Teas of Taiwan and Fujian Province

What is the difference between green tea and Taiwan tea? Well in Taiwan tea is a different kind of tea, but in Thailand it is all about the leaves. The leaves that are used in these two tea varieties are from two different regions of China; these regions are the Yunnan Province and the Fujian Province.

When talking about tea the two leaves that are usually given a lot of attention are the Fujian Province tea leaf and the Yunnan Province tea leaf. These two leaves are different in so many ways that one would never guess that they come from the same part of China. One of the biggest differences is the way that they are harvested รับผลิตชา OEM. In China harvesting is done through the use of a lever that releases a bag full of leaves to be picked from the plant and then taken back to the center where it is picked again.

Now in Taiwan harvesting is different, instead of having a lever that releases the leaves are simply pulled by hand and after picking the leaves are put into sacks and this is the harvesting process that is used. This harvesting method is also used in the production of Taiwan tea, and as you can imagine this is an important thing to take into consideration when you are looking at the Taiwanese variety. The Fujian Province tea leaf however is taken more delicately and involves very few harvesting procedures. The leaves are actually plucked directly from the tree and this is done in a very controlled fashion and using the most delicate equipment possible.

The harvesting process for the Yunnan Province variety is used when picking is used in the production of Taiwan tea, and the difference is quite obvious when comparing the two types of tea. In the Fujian Province leaf harvesting is done in a very small area that is controlled, whereas the Yunnan Province style leaf harvesting is much larger, often using a crane to lift the leaves. This leaves a very strong aroma that is very noticeable on the tea.

Another difference is that in the Yunnan Province, the leaves are then fermented in the fermentation pot, which is similar to how Japanese tea is fermented. This fermentation adds a natural sweetness and makes the tea very smooth. Whereas in the Fujian Province the leaves are left to ferment longer in the fermentation pot to add a stronger flavor.

It is easy to see the many differences between the two teas and this is why it is important to understand the harvesting, fermentation, processing, and production of each type of tea. It is not only the processing that make a difference, but the taste of the tea can also be very different.